CBD is one of the main Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant.

It is important to note that CBD has no psychotropic effect. Depending on the extraction procedure, the color may vary from light gold to dark brown. The crude CBD extract tastes very bitter, its texture is similar to toothpaste. Its production requires a lot of quality raw material, so the price of raw CBD is quite high.


The acidic version of CBD. CBDa can be found in unprocessed raw plants.

During processing of hemp, most of the CBDa is converted to CBD, mostly due to heat. It has not been proven, but it has been said more and more that CBD and CBDa have better therapeutic properties together.


( Cannabigerol ) The mother of THC and CBD.

This Cannabinoid is broken down by special enzymes and directed to CBD or THC "channels", which also plays a role in ultraviolet radiation and warmth. CBD and CBC are also formed. A lot of joyful test results for CBG appear to be emerging recently.


Since the 1980s, it has become known that our body has a so-called Endocannabinoid system,

which consists of whole-body cannabinoid receptors and their relationships. CBD affects these receptors by activating or blocking them. The Endocannabinoid system is considered to be one of the most important engines of the human body, which regulates many of our physiological processes.


The two are not the same. The hemp seed is part of the hemp flower.

This seed is used to make hemp seed oil which has a favourable fatty acid profile, rich in OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 but lacks CBD completely. CBD is coming from the flower of the hemp itself. CBD products are often referred to as CBD oil, because raw CBD is thick paste which needs to be diluted with oil, preferably with it's own hemp seed oil. A huge amount of hemp needs to be processed to get a tiny amount of CBD, therefore price for pure CBD remains very high.  


In many cases, the question arises because hemp is confused, mainly because of its appearance, with THC containing and therefore prohibited Marijuana.

The CBD does not cause euphoria, it does not have a mind-altering effect similar to THC! It is legitimate to use and possess in most countries of the world!


CO2 and Ethanol

The two most widespread extraction methods are CO2 and Ethanol.


Supercritical or subcritical CO2 is a frequently used CBD extraction process. It has the advantage of using a naturally occurring gas that does not leave harmful solvent residues and operates at low temperatures, so it can retain more of the CBDa's natural form in the final product. It is called the "cleanest" withdrawal procedure.


An increasingly widespread extraction process. Ethanol used for extracting is found in many foods (wine and chocolate). It is a safe compound, from which modern extraction plants do not leave anything behind in the final product. CBD products extracted with ethanol are nothing worse than those produced with CO2.


The green color of plants

Chlorophyll absorbs the energy of solar radiation and transmits to processes in plant cells. The green color of green plants is due to chlorophyll, which is also called the blood of the plant. Many people say that chlorophyll has a positive physiological effect, heals our organs. This substance gives the dark green color and the highly scratchy taste of CBD oils.

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