Supercritical or subcritical CO2 is a frequently used CBD extraction process. It has the advantage that natural gas is used, which does not leave harmful solvent residues and operates at low temperatures, so it is capable of producing a natural,



acidic form, -called CBDa- to retain more in the final product. It requires costly and specialized expertise. At present, it is a more hyped withdrawal process that is largely maintained by international marketing, based on cleanliness.




An increasingly widespread withdrawal process. Its advantage is that it removes water and oil-soluble compounds from the plant, meaning more from the useful components. It can be rightly called a "green" subtraction, as the energy consumption of an ethanol plant is about 1/5th of a CO2 plant.



Ethanol used for extracting is found in many foods (wine and chocolate). It is a safe compound, from which modern extraction plants do not leave anything behind in the final product. CBD products extracted with ethanol are nothing worse than those produced with CO2.





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