How do I dispense CBD?

We are not allowed to give you specific advise on dosages. It's recommended that you contact a doctor who can give you professional advise. 

Which product do you recommend?

We are not allowed to recommend you any product. It's best to find a professional who can point you to the right direction. The net also hosts a bunch of credible websites worth visiting, like the Project CBD website:


What is the difference between drops and extracts?

Basically, product consistency and CBD concentration. Extracts contain more CBD in a single product, so they are more concentrated. The consistency of extracts is creamy while drops are liquid.


When will I get my order?

It depends of the time you've placed your order. Orders placed before 1 pm weekdays are dispatched the same day. Orders placed after 1 pm on Friday and on weekends are sent on Monday the following week. You can always ask for your tracking number to see the exact location of your order.

Can I pay with bank card?

You can, but only to the courier at the time of delivery.

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